Huya lands in Spain


Huya, the Chinese video game streaming platform, landed in Spain for the first time in November 2019. It did so as a sponsor of two of the teams competing in Madrid in the 2019 World League of Legends, one of the largest e-sports championships in the world.

Until now, the Spanish media – increasingly interested in the growing boom of e-sports – ignored the existence of Huya and its connection with this discipline whose number of followers has increased exponentially, worldwide.

The challenge 

During her visit to Spain, the spokesperson for Huya had a double objective: to make her company known among the main Spanish media and to exchange impressions with the most important journalists in the sector.

The challenge was to prepare Huya’s spokeswoman – reluctant, at first, to chat with the press – and give her enough confidence to feel safe when it comes to transferring the messages about a Chinese company, completely unknown in Spain.

Our strategy

Given the need of publicize Huya, from SECNegate we proposed a call for technological and specialized media in e-sport in an informal meeting, in order to communicate their key messages and be able to answer, in situ, to the questions posed by professionals of the information.

Based on the purpose of generating coverage and reinforcing the key messages, we work intensively on two fundamental aspects:  

  • The content: the press kit and the corporate presentation, focusing on the most newsworthy and less controversial information.
  • The communicative capacity of the speaker, through intense training sessions that provided her with the fundamental tools to consolidate her intervention with the media.
esports - huya


The meeting was a complete success.

More than 10 journalists discovered the projection capacity of Huya, a Chinese company prepared to write a new chapter in the history of audiovisual entertainment.