Quintet España


From KBL España to Quintet España

Quintet España

Due to the rebranding of KBL España to Quintet España Private Bank, from ACH, global communication consultancy, we have collaborated in the design and planning of the communication strategy of the benchmark private bank, whose main objective has been to reflect the process of change deep, positive and continuous.


Through innovation and experience at the service of communication, we have carried out the advertising campaign “Ahora Somos” in the main economic media on the national scene (Cinco Días, elEconomista and Expansión), making known Quintet’s new term, which pretends to allude to the synchrony of all the members of a musical ensemble, who, combining their individual talent, create a perfect harmony.


Also, we wanted to transmit the essence and traditional values ​​of Quintet España through various integral communication actions (press office, internal communication and digital communication); all of them fully in line to reflect independence in management, trust, seeing the world differently and the importance of the heritage of Quintet España’s clients.





clicks in the “Ahora Somos” campaign


impacts on media

28.000 euros

PR Value