Colombia, origin that falls in love


ACH launched a marketing influence campaign for Procolombia, the Colombian government agency in charge of promoting Colombian exports and international tourism.


It was based on four basic needs: Making Tilapia known in both, the United Kingdom and in Spain, grabbing the attention of nutrition experts, to promote the consumption of this product in the final consumer, and, finally, to communicate the freshness and properties of Tilapia, emphasizing the Colombian origin of the product.


The strategy we proposed was looking for territories that could be associated with the brand and that would allow us to communicate the benefits and properties of Tilapia in its different areas. The proposals were the following: nutrition, which would help us to inform about the freshness, quality and health benefits of the product, recipes, in order to show different ways of cooking it, lifestyle, to connect with the youngest target and, finally, gastro, which would allow us to tell the story and curiosities about the Colombian Origin.


The idea was to be able to show Tilapia, to the potential customers in natural and close way from its timeline. To do so, we collaborated with different profiles from the UK and Spain, The Petite Cook, Laura López, Fit Happy Sisters, Fabián León, Must Have World or The Lazie Foodie, among others.


In addition, we had the opportunity to hold an event in a location related to the brand, where thanks to the collaboration of a Colombian chef, we were able to improve the perception of the product in both markets.


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