CES Silicones Europe


Showcasing the benefits of silicones


CES – SILICONES EUROPE is a non-profit trade organization representing all major producers of silicones in Europe.

The Challenge

The entity requested SECNewgate Spain support to profile themselves positively towards Spanish policy-makers and stakeholders, and to communicate the benefits and added value of silicones.

How did we do it?

To demonstrate the positive impact across many sectors on our daily lives, SECNegate rolled out an initial media campaign anchored by a four-part mini-video documentary series, we emphasized the silicones as essential “enablers” tackling key challenges in several economic sectors such as healthcare, automotive, energy, construction and technology.

As a second step and on behalf of CES – SILICONES EUROPE, we organized the Silicones Value Chain Workshop as a way to approach and engage one of the most relevant stakeholder: the industry. To meet the objective, SECNewgate invited the representatives of the professional associations related to the key sectors who could share with CES committee members their overview while the European organization listed in detail the aim of the campaign and the endorsement.



The campaign achieved more than 30 media impacts, amongst them, the two most important news agencies in Spain, general and regional media, and several trade publications.

The workshop was well attended and attracted a wide number of representatives coming from all sectors involved.