Bergé y compañía


Do not let


The brand

Bergé y Compañía, a leader in automotive and logistics services, was born in Bilbao en 1870 and, one day a day, has miles of employees in Europe and Latin America. Due to the unprecedented situation marked by COVID-19, the company wanted to transmit to all its workers and stakeholders a message of couragement, strength, hope and confidence for the future in these difficult times.

The challenge

In order to do that, ACH, as its communication agency, had the challenge of designing an internal communication action, taking care of the details and betting on motivational, truthful and transparent messages, without falling into the “opportunism” of circumstances like this.

Our strategy

In record time, ACH developed a cross-cutting strategy to coincide with the essence and traditional values of Bergé y Compañía, thus coinciding with is 150th anniversary.

But above all, this strategy was intended to inspire the thousands of employees in the group, with the aim that all of them face a new stage more united than ever to continue to look to the future.

How did we do it?

ACH, in collaboration with Bergé y Compañía, carried out the internal communication campaign “Do not let”, under the motto “Always looking to the future”.

“Do not let”, produced by CPWORKS in Spanish and English, invites reflection though the verses of the poem “Carpe Diem” by Walt Whitman, who was born at the same time -XIX century- that Bergé y Compañía.

Likewise, a personalized email marketing campaign was developed with the aim of spreading the Bergé y Compañía campaign quickly, efficiently and safely on the same day, taking into account the time differences in the countries in which the business group operates.



Dissemination of the campaign in 10 countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Finland, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Peru.

More than 3,200 mailings

75% Open rate

More than 2,700 clicks to the video in the same email

More than 3,500 views on YouTube