The Bahri PR crisis


Bahri is a public company owned by the Saudi State and is one of the main maritime service operators worldwide. It concentrates its activity in the areas of transport and logistics.

The challenge

In this case, we were starting from a delicate situation due to the politicization of the negative press of Saudi Arabia. However, the existing regulations in this area, such as the clauses of no re-export or use outside the country’s territory, leave no doubt that Bahri’s activity is absolutely licit and legal.

Within this context, three main objectives were set; to protect Bahri’s reputation and interests in the minds of its stakeholders, to ensure that all Spanish institutions/authorities perceive this to be a matter of state affecting bilateral trade relations and to achieve their complicity and editorial coverage favourable to Bahri’s interests and to minimize negative coverage.

Our strategy

To face this situation of Public Affairs, we focused the strategy on the creation of the Bahri Communication and PR Office in Spain during the time of the project. In addition, the identification of a voice for Bahri in Spain, as well as the necessary representatives for the institutional meetings and the coordination of informative activities with the Communication departments of the main institutions and organizations of interest.



Trade relations between Spain and Saudi Arabia have been strengthened.

Bahri continues working at the various ports in Spain.