Global strategy with 24/7 customer service


Autogrill is an important Italian multinational, leader in catering for travelers with a presence in 32 countries. On roads, train stations, airports and other leisure areas, such as shopping centers. Its business model operates, fundamentally, through concession and franchise agreements, in addition to the creation and development and its own brands.

Its subsidiary in Spain, Autogrill Iberia, has been accompanying travelers since 1994 and has more than 1.000 employees who serve more than 25 million customers a year.

At ACH, aware of the complexity of communication in the hospitality sector, we propose a global strategy that would allow us to offer a fast and effective multichannel service, serving and responding to the needs of Autogrill and its clients.

From consulting, both PR and Digital; corporative communication, crisis management and resolution daily management of company profiles on social media with scheduling and proactive search of news of interest; development and adaptation of creative materials; analysis and reports of evolution and benchmarking in social networks; paid media campaigns, influencer marketing for promoting its spaces…

Likewise, we offered a community and content manager service 24/7, for customer service, answering questions, complaints and suggestions from Autogrill customers, especially on weekends and holidays due to the marked increase in their business activity.



PR Results 2019:

Average annual impacts: 300

PR Value: 2 million euros

Estimated cumulative audience: 900 million


Digital Results 2019:

Facebook Followers: +30.000

Monthly average reach: +300.000

Monthly average impressions: +600.000