Heart Valve Week 19


The “Asociación Española de Portadores de Válvulas Cardiacas y Anticoagulados (AEPOVAC)” celebrated Heart Valve Week in September 2019, whose objective was to inform and raise awareness among the population about the risks posed by valve disease if they aren´t detected and treated on time.

Our work, with AEPOVAC, was to design and carry out a global communication strategy, made up of offline and online actions, highlighting above all, the collaboration of the urban artist Misterpiro, who painted a heart on a mural using its most characteristic features: very bright colors.

Also, AEPOVAC had a space in the most famous art train station in Madrid: Puerta de Atocha, where Misterpiro’s work of art remained permanently exposed. In addition, the artist finished the piece on site, attracting interest from the media and from all of society.

AEPOVAC Heart valve week
evento mr piro


Results PR & Digital:

28 impacts (TV and online media)

+1,000,000 Estimated cumulative audience

102,572 euros PR Value

62 posts

+364,000 impressions

+217.000 reach