Become an expert in slow cooking with Crock-Pot School


Slow cooking is an established trend in the gastronomy of many countries such as the United States, England and Northern Europe. A style of cooking that is becoming increasingly popular in Spain, as it fits in perfectly with our lifestyle and our taste for stews and traditional cuisine.

Therefore, in order to bring this way of cooking closer to all cooking lovers, Crock-Pot has launched the “Crock-Pot School”. An initiative that consists in the development of cooking courses to learn all the details about how to make the best out of their pots and slow cooking.

With Mr.Slowly – image of the project -, Crock-Pot invites you to become an expert in slow cooking with Crock-Pot School and thus strengthen its position as a leader in the market of slow cooking pots.

The Challenge

In this project, ACH had the objective of making the initiative known among professionals and lovers of slow cooking who were interested in the courses, as well as promoting its implementation in cooking schools and classrooms.

Our strategy

Considered as a long term project  we worked on a strategy that would complement PR and digital actions, to transfer the courses to teachers and cooking schools, influencers, media and even users in social media.

How did we do it?

In this way, we made a first approach with teachers from important cooking schools, in which experts from Crock-Pot transferred all their knowledge about slow cooking for its subsequent implementation in the agendas of the respective schools. Some have already taught it, with great success, in their classrooms, such as the Telva Cooking School.

Also, to amplify the action, we periodically share with the kitchen, gastronomy and lifestyle media and with the followers of the brand from the Instagram profile of Crock-Pot some of the recipes of the course so that they can put them into practice and encourage them to participate in the next courses.

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Crock-Pot School


Slow cooking workshop in collaboration with the Telva Cooking School.