IG and FB launching in Spain and Portugal


The Brand

Since 1949, Campingaz has been dedicated to gas innovation. What began as a solution to portable cooking equipment for camping evolved to include a complete line of gas barbecues providing, today throughout Europe, high quality products designed for ease of use and maintenance.

The Challenge

We started from the need to give visibility to the brand in Spain, rejuvenating the target and generating relevant contacts through a differential, striking, fast and dynamic content that would help us to show the versatility of Campingaz.

How did we do it?

After analyzing the competition, we came to the conclusion that the best way to reach our target and approach the consumer was to open rrss channels and join the conversation through different influencers.

To this end, the Campingaz Spain and Portugal Instagram was launched, with an ad hoc content strategy for each country.

To generate awareness and engagement, we contacted a series of influencers, micro and macro, to help us create content that was transversal to both countries. The main territories we partnered with were: campers, lifestyle, families and gastronomy.

On the other hand, we have also carried out cobranding campaigns with brands complementary to Campingaz, such as Pan Bimbo or FoodSaver.

In addition, in order to optimize reach and generate leads, we invested in different paid media campaigns.

Some of the influencers with whom we have collaborated:

Familia Amiguindy

The Feather Van

Sergio Barreda

Lucas Locura

Sandra Arrebola

Rui Gaiola


Influencers collaborations: 21

Followers on Instagram : 8,276

Impressions on Instagram : 933,288

Interacciones de Instagram España: 98.536