Positioning of Afiniti


Afiniti, an American artificial intelligence startup founded by Zia Chishti, has more than 700 employees worldwide.

The Company has a strong universal position, since the Board of Directors is made up of relevant figures from the international scene such as David Cameron and, among its clients, are some of the largest operators in the world, like Telefónica (O2), Vodafone, T-Mobile or Sprint. However, in the Spanish market, Afiniti, with Alonso Aznar as head of Spain and Mexico, had not yet consolidated in the sector.

The challenge

In this situation, we had a double challenge. On the one hand, to make Afiniti known among the different stakeholders and publics of interest. On the other hand, to position it as an innovative company, with the aim of positioning it as a technological reference in Spain.

Our strategy

Afiniti is a Company with a strong international presence, focused on a very specific type of activity, B2B. Because of that, we proposed a strategy, in record time, based on these two pillars (international presence and B2B).

How did we do it?

From Secnewgate Spain, we take care of the management of spokespersons, media and sponsorships, obtaining a cover in Actualidad Económica (El Mundo) with Alonso Aznar as Afiniti spokesperson, this being the main starting point for the presentation of the company in Spain.

Furthermore, we associate ourselves with various reference technological events to position Alonso Aznar as the company’s spokesperson. The common thread of our action plan was technology and its implementation in the sector. For this, we look for the synergies of Alonso Aznar with relevant figures in the technology sector and, among them, it is worth highlighting the presentation in South Summit 2019 with Óscar Salazar, co-founder of Uber and one of the most influential figures in the current technology industry.



Participation of Alonso Aznar as a speaker at the South Summit 2019.

Cover interview with Alonso Aznar in the newspaper Actualidad Económica (El Mundo).