Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

To achieve different results, it is necessary to do things differently. And that’s what strategic consulting services consist of. We analyze your business in depth, as well as its competitive environment, to make the appropriate decisions and optimize all those aspects that need it.

Is there something wrong with your business, but you don’t know what it is?


Carrying out a strategic consultancy, you will not only be able to identify the problems of your business and solve them, you will also optimize the available resources, obtaining a global and strategic vision with which to acquire the necessary competitive advantages to stand out from your competitors.

What is the Strategic Consulting?

The strategic consulting services carry out an audit and a deep strategic analysis of your business and its environment with the aim of optimizing resources and proposing new actions that allow the company to achieve its objectives.

Being clear about the company’s mission, vision, values and objectives, the strategy consultancy identifies the most important problems and proposes viable solutions to correct them and establish a strategic plan that allows the company to make the necessary decisions to continue growing and improving.

  • Why?

    The first thing is to know and quantify the objectives that we want to achieve with strategic advice.

  • Where?

    We need to know the positioning of our brand in the market. How do consumers perceive us? Is that really the image we want to offer? In addition, it will also be necessary to carry out an in-depth analysis of the competition and the sector to understand where we are.

  • How?

    Once the problems be solved have been defined, the business strategy and the different actions to be implemented to achieve the established objectives must be considered. For this, it is necessary to evaluate the different solutions, with pros and cons, and choose the most suitable for the company.

  • When?

    Finally, a roadmap is established, identifying those responsible for the management team who have to carry out the different actions proposed, and establish different dates to accomplish.

  • With what?

    With the different resources of the company. Can we carry out the proposed actions with the available equipment? Do we have to hire third-party services?

These services operate at a very strategic level, being able to influence the company’s own business model, or simply correcting certain processes that will improve its performance and competitiveness. Only with a deep analysis of the company and its environment can these conclusions be reached.

Marketing, Sales and Communication plan

A strategic consulting service can be applied to any aspect of the business: legal, technology, finance, human resources, logistics and distribution… But the aspects that most concern the strategic direction are undoubtedly marketing, sales and communication, due to these areas deal directly with consumers.

Therefore, what aspects should a strategic marketing consultancy cover?


From the point of view of Secnewgate, a communication and strategic consulting agency, these are the most important aspects that a strategic consulting service must cover:

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    Competitive strategic analysis

    In-depth analysis of our target audience or “buyer person”, as well as of the competitors, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses in relation to our business.

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    Reputation and corporate positioning

    What do customers say about us? What is the image or perception of the company? Are we a leading, traditional, innovative, with affordable prices, company?

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    Marketing and Internal and External Communication Audit

    Are the marketing actions we carry out really effective? Are we sending the right messages? Are we really targeting our target audience?

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    Strategic advice

    Once the audit has been done, the strategic plan and all the actions to be carried out are presented, evaluating the feasibility of all of them, and identifying those responsible for implementing them in a timely manner.

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    Training of spokepersons and key company personnel

    Lastly, training and advice to these company profiles is essential, since only through their commitment will all proposals be successful.

Advantages of Strategic Consulting Services

  • A detailed strategic business plan, focusing on the value proposition towards the client.
  • A global and strategic vision of your business, detailing where we are, where we want to go and how we are going to achieve it.
  • Advice and training for the key profiles of your company.
  • Manage the change with the support of professionals and experts that will lead you towards achieving your goals.

Here are some success stories from our clients: