Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Public affairs is one of the most important intangible assets of a company, as communication and branding. Its management is increasingly becoming more important, due to the impact it generates on the creation of long-term value, through reputation and trust, and the contribution to the development of more aligned corporate relationships with all its stakeholders.

Does your company operate in a complex sector with multiple players and need to improve your company’s CSR?


The professional services of a Public Affairs agency are the best option to understandbetter the business environment – beyond the competition -, to identify key players, to properly manage institutional relationships and to establish strategic alliances beneficial to the company.

What is Public Affairs?

Public affairs is an umbrella term that covers both lobbying – a group of people whose aim is to influence decision-making – and institutional relations.

Its fundamental objective is, once the real needs of the clients have been understood and comprehended, to defend it to the different interest groups or stakeholders – government, public administrations, the local community, shareholders, business associations, expert groups, business groups, charities, trade unions and the media, among others.

It is not just a question of influencing a decision, but of all parties being heard in the process of that decision making to ensure equilibrium.

  • Importance of Public Affairs

    The proper management of Public Affairs involves trying to improve the rules of the game for the benefit of the client’s business, always working from the legitimacy granted by its role in society and from transparency and ethics in relations with its stakeholders.

    An adequate management of public affairs allows the company to demonstrate its social commitment and its bet on CSR, to build a solid reputation and to consolidate strategic alliances with the different stakeholders.

    To this end, it is essential to analyze the environment and properly manage the relationships it maintains with its stakeholders, communicating the key messages, always in line with the common interest.

  • Institutional Relations Management

    Companies are not immune to political activity. A law or political decision can have a negative impact on an income statement or disrupt balance sheets, just as an administrative procedure can slow down or block a business project.

    Therefore, companies must legitimately participate in configuring the regulatory frameworks and public programs that affect the development of their activity. It is essential, in this area, to establish a framework of relations and dialogue based on transparency, responsibility and the contribution of technical knowledge.

Public Affairs as a Success Strategy

A successful public affairs strategy must establish this dialogue on the basis of trust, knowing where it is in the public space, informing about its objectives, interests and projects, involving the administrations and society in its social impact, as well as understanding the main trends that mark the socio-economic and geopolitical context in which it operates.

Management of Public Affairs

At SECNewgate, as a communication, PR and institutional relations agency, we are experts in managing public affairs:

  • Analysis of public and industry policies

    We carry out an in-depth analysis of all regulations and legislation, present and future, that may affect the performance of business activities.

  • Management of institutional relations

    We manage all relations with the public administration, identifying the key people and departments in order to highlight the company’s needs.

  • Legislative monitoring:

    We are informed of all legislative and regulatory developments that allow us to anticipate certain situations and resolve future conflicts.

  • Development of influence maps

    It is important to define and know all the stakeholders and the activities that are carried out, with the aim of strengthening and improving your relationship with them.

Advantages and benefits of Public Affairs management

  • Enhance its CSR and make its interests known in a more transparent way.
  • Improve its corporate image by being a company committed to society.
  • Anticipate future conflicts and resolve them in a satisfactory manner.
  • To ensure a favorable environment, in the long term, for the development of its activities.

Here are some of our actions with different stakeholders: