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ESPIREA, is a leading construction company in collaborative and innovative projects, thanks to the LEAN methodology, industrialization and digitalization applied to the real estate sector. They have a team of professionals with over 30 years of experience and have been established in the market since 2014.

The Challenge

We started with a simple and functional website but lacked content that reflected the company’s identity. The projects were included, but they were not displayed correctly and the information about them was limited. On the other hand, in order to visualize the company’s values, it was necessary to access an attached .pdf file.

All these factors, together with an inadequate HTML title structure, resulted in poor positioning in Google.

How we did it

After an analysis of the needs of the company and its corporate identity, as well as the websites of the competition, we determined gaps and opportunities. First of all, we established the basis for their identity to be clear and consistent with the Brand manual, as well as the main structure based on an analysis of SEO positioning, keywords and UX.

Being a construction company, it allowed us to carry out a very visual website, but at the same time we had to be careful not to saturate it with images so as not to impact the weight and navigation. In addition, we wanted the website to reflect the DNA of the company, and to be a space where to show all the actions that are performed.

To achieve this, we created a main home page in which at a quick glance you can see all the areas to highlight; what is ESPIREA, its DNA, its mission and values, the talent that makes up the company and its projects. All these sections have a button for more information, which is developed in their own pages that can also be accessed through the main menu of the page.

In order to keep the site alive and constantly updated, a blog section has been developed, which is updated periodically.


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