Web development and LinkedIn


Web and LinkedIn development



Finalbion was founded 7 years ago in Spain as a complement to traditional bank financing for companies.

Since 2015 it has enjoyed the trust of the market and its customers, bringing financing closer to companies and complementing the working capital lines of the large companies that trust them.

The Challenge

Our starting point was an obsolete website in terms of UX, UI and content and without a style manual for a client with a lot of technological potential, but with the restrictions of a financial sector, with limitations for updating all these points and linked to a very formal and serious environment with no digital experience among its own employees.

How we did it

After analysing the company and its competitors, we saw the shortcomings they had and where others were, how far they could go, in order to create a much more usable, manageable and consumable website and a space on LinkedIn much closer to their audience and even to their own staff, without skipping any of their rigorous and strict security standards.

In an environment such as LinkedIn, we made the directors aware of the need to communicate the achievements of the company and their colleagues and speak with a business voice from their own profiles, sharing and echoing all of Finalbion’s successes in order to reach such a specific audience as their target with the right messages, always taking into account the confidentiality of each of their clients.