Web development and launching of social networks


Web development and social media launch



July 2020, El Corte Inglés acquires the security company Mega 2, with more than 20 years of experience, and restructures it to launch Grupo SICOR. At the end of that year, SEC Newgate begins to work on the launch strategy for its website and Corporate Linkedin.

The challenge

As an agency, Grupo SICOR presented us with the challenge of launching a development and launch for its website and the repositioning of Mega 2 to Grupo SICOR.

In addition to launching their corporate Linkedin profile from scratch, with content from all their lines of business, as well as news from the entire sector.

At the same time, SICOR Alarms was born, a service offered by SICOR Seguridad El Corte Inglés, S.L – DGP. 3247, an alarm service with a high level of competition due to market saturation.

The challenge we faced was to organically position the company in the digital environment and create a community on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, also including their websites.

How we did it

We proposed the web development strategy for the two pages of Grupo SICOR and SICOR Alarmas, as well as its design, with a blog that through current content related to their services would be included in the digital conversation.
Creation of social and interesting content for their social networks, with a strategy in their corporate Linkedin oriented to B2B in Grupo SICOR and B2C, design of feeds and daily management of communities.


  • 2 web sites, Grupo SICOR Y SICOR Alarmas
  • Linkedin  Grupo SICOR
  • Twitter, Facebook e Instagram SICOR Alarmas