Puy du Fou Spain conquers Madrid’s Heart


Puy du Fou España conquista el corazón de Madrid

Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou España is a theme park located in the mountains of Toledo where history and nature come together under leisure and nature. It has five shows, which are inspired by great events and characters that have been key in history: Lope de Vega, Isabel la Católica, El Cid are just some of them. Mind-blowing special effects, amazing acrobatics, audacious staging and incredible sets make the whole family dream and travel back in time.

The Challange

To announce the upcoming openning of the new Puy du Fou season, strengthening the brand recognition of the most awarded park in history in its opening year. All this with the ultimate goal of driving sales (leads) for the upcoming season.

Our strategy

We collaborated in developing a transversal strategy to reflect the success of the 2021 season and present the new season of Puy du Fou Spain in one of the most emblematic places in Madrid such as El Retiro Park, impacting different audiences: media, authorities and institutions, companies, partners and society in general.

Madrid was chosen to host the event, since most of the visitors who come to Puy du Fou Spain to be thrilled, come from the Spanish capital due to its proximity.

How we did it

We supported Puy du Fou Spain in presenting, in the heart of Madrid’s Retiro Park and with a spectacular staging, a brief summary of its successful first season and all the news planned for the NEW season in Spain, which began on March 19, 2022.

It was a 360-degree campaign that simultaneously used different channels. The first of these was Street Marketing (with a staging featuring various heroes of history such as Lope de Vega, El Cid and Isabel la Católica, together with the mayors of Madrid and Toledo). The spectacular procession, made up of 25 characters, 12 white horses and two sacred falcons, burst into the Retiro Park, generating great expectation.

This action was complemented by a press conference organized at Casa de Vacas where Erwan de la Villeón, CEO of Puy du Fou Spain, analyzed the success of the first season of the Park (with more than 600,000 visitors) and announced the new features of the 2022 season.

This action was supported by media coverage, as well as digital media and channels (display campaign, influencers…). The company’s own media (social networks, website, etc.) also played an important role.


40 media

160 prints

PR Value + 3m €

+172% web visits increase.

10% followers increase