International Valvulopathy Awareness Week


International Valvulopathy Awareness Week



La Asociación Española de Portadores de Válvulas Cardiacas y Anticoagulados (AEPOVAC) celebraba la Semana Internacional de Concienciación de las Valvulopatías en el mes de septiembre de 2022, cuyo objetivo era informar y concienciar a la población sobre los riesgos que entrañan las valvulopatías si no son detectadas y tratadas a tiempo.

The Spanish Association of Heart Valve Carriers and Anticoagulants (AEPOVAC) celebrated the International Valvulopathy Awareness Week in September 2022, which aimed to inform and raise awareness of the risks of valvulopathies if they are not detected and treated in time.

The challenge

Our goal, together with AEPOVAC and Global Heart Hub, was to design and carry out a global communication strategy, consisting of off and online actions.

Our strategy

Prior to the International Week, messages were launched on AEPOVAC’s different social media channels and we informed that we would have a stand with a photocall at Chamartín Station to inform, help and raise awareness among passers-by.

How did we made it?

Throughout the week, we were informing and raising awareness among passers-by in one of the busiest stations in Madrid, Chamartín. We supported the action with a personalised photo booth igloo so that people could approach and inform, while answering a short questionnaire that would indicate the knowledge that the general population has about this disease, as well as its usefulness as an informative hanger for a new action with media.

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