CEDAT 85 unveils its CABOLO device at ISE 2022 in BCN


CEDAT 85 unveils its CABOLO device at ISE 2022 in BCN

Cedat 85

CEDAT 85, a company based in Italy, counts with more than 35 years of experience leading the market in the development and application of the most advanced technological solutions based on AI. Since last September, the AI-based real-time transcription and translation services of the European Parliament’s plenary sessions in the 24 official languages of the European Union have been entrusted to CEDAT, and MEPs – including those with hearing impairments – have been able to use CEDAT 85 for the translation and transcription of their speeches….

The Challenge

Unveiling for the first time in Spain, its Cabolo device, CEDAT 85 its revolutionary and exclusive CABOLO device, at the world’s leading audiovisual trade fair, ISE 2022 Barcelona.

CABOLO is an innovative solution that, without the need for an internet connection, can record, transcribe and translate the content of meetings automatically, in real time and stored securely, keeping conversations encrypted to ensure confidentiality

How did we made it?

We organise round tables, with the participation of high-level speakers and benchmarks in the security and data protection sector, applied AI as a solution to language barriers in the business world and in the parliamentary and institutional environment.

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