Breville Hand Mixer


Hand Mixer Valentine's Day


The Brand

Breville is the leading Brand in kitchen appliances, where technology, quality, performance and, of course, design go hand in hand to make everyday life easier and more fun.

The challenge

Breville started from the basic need to present one of his latest products launched into the Spanish market: his new Heatsoft Hand Mixer. The only hand mixer with the functionality of using the necessary heat to mix the ingredients at room temperature in a few minutes.

Our strategy

To do this, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, from ACH we develop a global strategy in order to work with the different possible communication channels and maximize the results obtained.

Our action plan focused on two fundamental pillars: a digital strategy focus on an influencer marketing campaign and a PR proposal with shipments to the main media in the sector.

It was based on three basic needs: to publicize the new Heatsoft HandMixer in the Spanish market highlighting its main advantage, to increase the recognition of Breville and to promote the consumption of the product by the final consumer.

How did we do it?

Territories related to the Brand were sought that would allow us to cover the different communication angles: gastro, confectionery and lifestyle to connect with a younger audience.

For influence marketing, the idea was to look for profiles where they could show to the target the product naturally and closely on their Instagram. For this, we have the collaboration of Laura López, Alma Cupcakes, Bea Roque and Cupcakes a gogo.

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Interactions: 30.150

Reach: 532.053

Impressions: 646.209