Breville Barista




Breville introduced, for the ever first time ever in Spain, its range of coffee machines: Breville Barista Max and Breville Mini Barista, two high-end coffee machines for domestic use. Bearing in mind that the coffee sector in Spain is so branded and concentrated, we set ourselves two fundamental objectives for the launch: differentiation from the competition and brand awareness.

To achieve this, we designed a global strategy to maximize the coffee maker’s domestic experience under the concept of The Best Bar Coffee, now at home. A strategy that allowed us to work on all possible communication channels in order to reinforce the messages and reach the selected target.

In this way, we implemented an ambitious action plan with several parallel activations:

  • Presentation event with media and influencers at Travel Verde, a charming cafeteria in the Retiro neighborhood, and Adrian Fernandez, a renowned barista, as master of ceremonies.


  • Launch of branded content campaigns in the main lifestyle magazines and paid media.


  • Influencers marketing campaign: we had 21 influencers from different territories (lifestyle, family and gastronomy). Among them, Sabores y Momentos, Corina Randazzo, Delicias Martha, Mery Turiel, Marta Carriedo, Fit Happy Sisters, A Trendy Life, Ester Bellón, Laura Ponts….


  • Collaboration with opinion leaders such as Nuria Roca


Media & Social:

16 impacts

51.468€ PR Value

35.071.900 Stimated cumulative audience

102.341 interactions

2.815.015 reach

3.412.505 impressions